lørdag 1. august 2009

Welcome to HAMUs blog

This blog has been created to share our experiences from visits to HAMUs projects. HAMU is the international solidarity branch of the Norwegian Humanist Association. We support projects in several countries, such as India, Nepal, Uganda and Brazil. All our projects are rights-based, and we put particular emphasis on projects that targets oppression justified in religion or superstition.

We will try to publish both in Norwegian and English. In the beginning it will mostly be Sara posting entries, but other board members might join in in due time. At the time of writing, Sara and Tuva from the board are about to embark on avisit to India and Nepal. This is our (i.e. Sara and Tuvas) second visit to India and third visit to Nepal, so we are excited to be going back to see our partners, but also look forward to new experiences.

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